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Duck Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs: What's the difference?

You eat duck eggs?

Do they taste different?

What IS the difference?

We hear these questions often and maybe you've been curious about our duck eggs, but haven't decided to take the leap yet. Keep reading to learn the differences and how to choose the best eggs for you and your family.

While the color and size is different, you probably will only notice slight differences taste wise. I (Morgan), personally find duck eggs to be slightly more flavorful and prefer them over chicken eggs when I want a fried egg for breakfast. You'll need a little more force to crack and break the shell open, as a duck egg has a thicker shell, which leads to a longer shelf life. And my favorite thing is the larger yoke, which leads to a delicious fried egg with a thick and creamy yoke. Yum!

Duck eggs contain more albumen, which leads to a richer and fluffier baked goods, making duck eggs popular among bakers and chefs. Duck eggs also contain more fat (the good kind!), cholesterol (again, the good kind), and protein than chicken eggs. You'll also get more vitamins and minerals, and they are full of Omega-3 fatty acids. If you're looking for the egg that packs more punch nutritionally, you can't beat a duck egg. A duck egg is a perfect substitute to chickens eggs, although they aren't recommended for boiling, as the consistency is a bit rubbery. Many people who have an egg allergy report that they can eat duck eggs, so if you are one of those people, check with your doctor about trying duck eggs instead. Ready to try duck eggs for yourself?

Stop by the farm to pick up a dozen duck eggs, available in the self-serve fridge, today!

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